Blue Light Lenses

Do you suffer from eye strain, poor sleep or dry eyes?  The answer could be in the technology you use throughout the day!

Light is made up of a number of colours, the part with the shortest wavelength (and therefore highest energy part of the spectrum) is blue light - this is closest in frequency to harmful UV light – although natural blue light is beneficial to us.

Artificial blue light from computers, television, phones, tablets and indoor lighting is increasingly being linked to the fatigue, aches and dryness which can afflict the eyes. Newer research also links blue light to long term adverse outcomes for eyesight and triggering of migraine and it is now accepted that prolonged blue light exposure affects our sleep – especially if using devices before bedtime. This is why newer iPhones offer Night Shift to change the colours on the screen - it's been shown that seeing blue light at night will trick your body into thinking it doesn’t need to go to sleep!

The awesome news is that we have access to blue light filtering technology - a coating that's placed on your lenses to filter out this wavelength and therefore help protect you against blue light exposure.  To find out more about our Lumin Blue lenses, send us a message using the chat applet below.  These lenses are available without prescription too!

As always, if you have a specific concern about your vision or eye health your first port of call should always be to have an eye examination with your Ophthalmic Optician.

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