Are you bored of the same old styles of glasses you see in high street opticians?

Have you had a disappointing experience with an opticians in the past?

Do you hate shopping for glasses and are in need of styling advice and professional expertise?

If so you’re in the right place. Welcome to Very Spexy.

Founder of Very Spexy, Jon has had many years experience within the optics industry from working in small practices for a leading High Street Optician to managing a busy laser and surgical clinic and even a stint as an eyewear buyer for a group's Head Office so he's learned a thing or two about how commercial opticians work.

Our small team scour the globe for interesting and unique eyewear that doesn't cost the earth.  From our British made budget ranges to our bespoke handmade pieces, we do not subscribe to mass produced products that can be found in every shop on every High Street.  We provide choice, exclusivity and quality and exceptional customer service throughout your journey with Very Spexy.  You'll find luxury brands in our store that cannot be sold online, so please book a visit to our boutique for an Eyewear Styling Appointment by calling 01779 403940

Why we're different 

As specialists in eyewear, our focus is 100% on the eyewear we offer and we pride ourselves in attending International Eyewear Shows & Conventions, meeting with brand designers and manufacturers from across the globe.  We also turn our attention to lens offerings, and offer single vision, bi-focal & varifocal lenses as standard, fitted to your frame of choice in our in-store lab, often within 24 hours.

To do this, we opt not to take care of any of the clinical needs when it comes to eyecare - we ask you to come prepared with a current prescription from your optician as their focus and attention is on the health of your eyes - meaning you have the best of both expertise.

How do you get your eyes tested?

Everyone in Scotland is entitled to a free eye examination every 2 years (unless specified by your optician - sometimes people are seen sooner than 2 years), and once you've had your eyes examined, the prescription is yours to take.  We combine these results with additional measurements we take and that's how we manufacture your glasses.

Isn't this a bit rude?

Absolutely not!  Opticians are paid around £37 for your eye examination by the NHS - so selling glasses isn't how their business survives, whilst they would like you to purchase glasses from them so that they can make more money from your sale, the choice of where you get your glasses is yours. 

All opticians have the opportunity to stock niche, interesting and bespoke items and travel the world looking for eyewear for you - glasses are an expensive purchase and if you were buying anything else you'd shop around so why not pop in and see what we can offer you by booking a FREE eyewear styling appointment by clicking the Book Now button below?


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