La Loop - The Bancroft

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A LA LOOP necklace lives within a unique category of accessory that merges the elegant clean lines of a necklace with a simple silver circle crafted to hold glasses. This golden treasure uses big, open, organically shaped chain links that evoke the old Hollywood glamour of actress Anne Bancroft. This perfectly asymmetrical chain link is made and designed in Los Angeles. Due to the natural look and pattern of the chain link, there will be slight variation between each necklace, making each piece unique to its wearer.

  • Collection: Jewelry
  • Patented loop design with magical hinges that swivel 360 degrees, ensuring your glasses stay in the loop as you move around
  • Loop and chain have a polished 24k gold plating
  • Individual links have irregular shapes, ranging from 12mm to 30mm wide
  • Heavy 3-micron plating to ensure durability and luster.
  • 25” total length; loop is 30mm in diameter